(FFXIV:ARR) Gil-Making Methods

November 4, 2013

Here is a compilation of money-making methods we’ve personally evaluated in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. More will be added as they are discovered and tested. Entries are listed in order of desirability; in addition to high payouts, desirable methods are those which pay quickly, have minimal level requirements, and limit their sensitivity to changes in Market Board prices. Our focus is on those methods which can be easily applied at low to mid-level.


The Methods

Myotragus Farming

Requires: Retainer access and Lv20+ in one DoW/DoM class
Yield: ~30,000 to 120,000 gil/hour, depending on level
Moderate market sensitivity; fully repeatable

This is mob farming, plain and simple. The target mobs are a herd of Myotragus who drop good amounts of multiple low-/mid-level crafting reagents. We also explain why to go for Myotragus rather than the more popular fleece-bearing Karakuls.


Shard Farming

Requires: Retainer access (DoW/DoM Lv17+) and either FC membership or a trusted “partner in crime”
Yield: ~35,000 gil/hour
Low market sensitivity; fully repeatable

This approach involves the creation of alts, who are rapidly leveled to 10 in order to unlock the ability to join new guilds. The alt then joins several crafting guilds and completes their starter quests to receive thousands of shards. The principal downside to “shard farming” is the initial outlay of time; no significant profit is realized in the first two hours of play. (These two hours are, however, counted when determining the hourly yield above.) In other words, you can’t make a quick buck with this method.


Many for the Road (Details Coming Soon!)

Requires: ALC Lv10+; levemete unlocked. Retainer access (DoW/DoM Lv17+) is recommended.
Yield: ~120 to 400 gil/turn-in (approx. ~35,000 to 120,000 gil/hour)
Very low market sensitivity; requires leve allowances

The costs of turn-in materials for most levequests counterbalance or outweigh the gil rewards. Not so, happily, for the Lv10 Alchemist leve “One for the Road,” which may be found in the Western Thanalan town of Horizon. Potions, which are handed out like candy during low-level quests, can usually be found on the Market Board for a gil or two. If your ALC level is high enough to craft HQ Potions reliably, consider doing so in order to collect triple the gil reward. The hourly rate above is for comparison purposes only and assumes a rate of 5 turn-ins per minute; at that pace, you’ll run out of leve allowances well before an hour has passed.



The repeatability of these methods varies considerably. Some are one-offs, only worth doing if you haven’t already completed certain tasks on your main character. Others depend on a supply of leve allowances, which are limited but gradually replenish over time, or on an easily saturated market for equipment. “Fully repeatable” means that, if the initial requirements are met, the method may be used at any time.

Market sensitivity means the degree to which changing Market Board prices are likely to affect the profits from a given method. We consider methods that reward gil directly (from NPCs) to be the least market-sensitive, followed by those which pay in shards or crystals (the most liquid commodities in the game). Methods which involve other commodities, such as raw crafting materials, are moderately sensitive, while those which involve the purchase or resale of equipment are — in our experience — the most sensitive to price changes.


This post was last updated on 4 November 2013; the current version of FFXIV:ARR at that time was 2013.10.23. It may not reflect changes introduced in subsequent patches of the game.

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